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Mason Clutch Pedal

    A Mason clutch pedal showed up on my doorstep on an unseasonably warm late November day here in Jayhawk land, allowing me to enjoy a day of tinkering with the M Roadster before winter arrives.  Unpleasant memories of the contorted yoga position required during the installation of Ireland Oilite bushings into the stock clutch pedal arm prompted the removal of the driver’s seat this time around.  

    Mason Clutch Pedal and associated bits required for installation:

    Although removing the driver’s seat to do the job isn’t absolutely necessary, it does make working under the dash a helluva lot easier and undoubtedly reduced my naughty word count during the pedal installation process.  I still said bad words; beware of razor sharp metal edges under the Z3 dash.

    I was able to swap the Ireland Oilite Bronze bushings from my stock pedal into the Mason part fairly easily; the bushing bore in the Mason pedal needed some mild cleanup (mostly powder coating residue) with a sandpaper roll for a good press fit:

    Oilite Bronze Bushing Installed

    I went with the recommended BMW 35211158489 return spring, but the Mason pedal has an appropriate bracket to install the OEM M-style over-center return / assist spring.  The pedal-mounted portion of the over-center spring assembly can be seen attached above.

    I made sure that everything would fit just in case I wasn’t happy with the spring change; I found that the pin bore in the Mason pedal for the over-center spring assembly needed to be opened up slightly (not just power coat).  I’m happy with the 35211158489 return spring, but it’s nice to know that I could easily swap in the factory M spring assembly without going through the chore of removing the clutch pedal again.

    These are the OE items I omitted during the Mason pedal installation:

    Omitted OE Parts

    The Mason pedal assembly replaces the clutch master cylinder attachment pin & retaining clip (left) with a through bolt and nut, and using the 35211158489 spring (and 35311113725 rubber grommets) replaces the over-center spring assembly including the top and bottom pins and bottom pin retaining clip. If I were to reinstall the Z3M spring I’d opt to replace the plastic top and bottom spring brackets since the steel through pins have elongated the pivot holes over time.

    The Mason pedal installation went well and after a short test ride, I’m extremely happy with the new clutch pedal action. I really didn’t notice much of a change in pedal effort, just the height and range of engagement, but I only drove around the block a few times, and my perception is clouded by my daily driver pickup truck clutch pedal effort.

    As a bonus, while spelunking under the dash I found a wayward left side defroster grill; judging by the grime pattern, the grill had experienced ventilation system airflow, so I assume that a repair technician misplaced it at some point in time:

    Bonus Defroster Grill