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In the Beginning

    I purchased the M Roadster in January of 2015 with just over 91,000 miles on the odometer. The car was located in Scottsdale, Arizona, so I hopped a flight to AZ and drove the Roadster back to Kansas City. Although I had plans for a few side trips along the way, due to an impending Ground Hog Day snowstorm, I ended up driving straight through to stay ahead of the storm, only stopping for fuel, surprisingly bad food, and rest stop nap breaks.

    The car behaved itself and I had no issues during the trip; as it turns out, I was very lucky.

    A previous owner treated the car to a Dinan exhaust system, Dinan Cold Air Induction (CAI) with a 3.5″ hot-film mass air-flow sensor (HFM), and Dinan “Stage 2” engine management software, enhancing the 3.2L S52 engine power output; suffice it to say that I’m happy with the performance. The Roadster isn’t the quickest or fastest car I’ve ever owned, but that performance typically came at a price, such as a lack of comforts like air conditioning, high strung, ill-mannered behavior in traffic, and voracious appetites for fuel (I’m talking single digit MPG). In comparison, the M Roadster is a blast to drive anywhere, with a very nice level of comfort, and 30 MPG can be had if I take it easy on the highway. I plan to maintain the outward appearance of the car, and use genuine BMW or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts as much as possible as I refresh aging mechanicals, albeit with updates where it makes sense, or modifications where I feel the senseless need to do so.

    In the past I have typically used paper logbooks to document maintenance, modifications, and repairs, but that method doesn’t work particularly well for saving, organizing, and sharing digital photos or other information stored with electronic bits, so my plan is to use The Roadster Blog as my M Roadster logbook.