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Giubo & Center Bearing

    Drive Shaft Parts Diagram

    I had no knowledge of what sort of maintenance had been preformed in the past, and flex disc or giubo (item #1 shown above) replacement is one of those things that a 100k mile car probably needs to head off any unpleasant problems. The old giubo was in pretty good shape with just a couple of cracks:

    Old Giubo

    Along with the giubo, I replaced the six M12 x 1.5 mounting nuts (diagram item #6), which are one time use lock nuts, the driveshaft centering sleeve bushing (item #2), the driveshaft lock ring (item #9), and the driveshaft center bearing assembly (item #12). Since I didn’t know the condition of the six M12 x 1.5 x 62mm bolts (item #5), I had new bolts on hand and replaced them as well.

    New giubo, centering sleeve, and bolts; centering sleeve lubed with Yamalube molybdenum disulfide grease:

    Center Bearing Assembly loosely mounted to temporarily support drive shaft:

    The stamped embossed “dots” (two are hidden in the above photo by the mounting nuts) on the center bearing mount I received were convenient alignment marks; with the center bearing preloaded the appropriate 4-6 millimeters towards the transmission, the mounting nuts / studs were centered between the dots.