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More Cooling

    The car has never ran as cool as I thought it should; for instance, in mild springtime weather I would expect coolant temperatures to be reasonably close to the 88°C thermostat rating. However, even after… Read More »More Cooling

    S54 Oil Cooler

      It’s not unusual to have balmy 100°F summer days here in Larryville, KS.   I’m still in mechanical puller fan delete mode. In traffic I have seen 105°C-ish coolant temperatures; a 10° rise above normal, not… Read More »S54 Oil Cooler

      S50 Airbox

        I finally got around to replacing the Dinan CAI with a proper airbox; details of why I was not particularly happy with the Dinan CAI can be found here. The 3.5″ HFM and associated Dinan… Read More »S50 Airbox