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In the Beginning

    I purchased the M Roadster in January of 2015 with just over 91,000 miles on the odometer. The car was located in Scottsdale, Arizona, so I hopped a flight to AZ and drove the Roadster… Read More »In the Beginning

    More Cooling

      The car has never ran as cool as I thought it should; for instance, in mild springtime weather I would expect coolant temperatures to be reasonably close to the 88°C thermostat rating. However, even after… Read More »More Cooling

      S54 Oil Cooler

        It’s not unusual to have balmy 100°F summer days here in Larryville, KS.   I’m still in mechanical puller fan delete mode. In traffic I have seen 105°C-ish coolant temperatures; a 10° rise above normal, not… Read More »S54 Oil Cooler

        Mason Clutch Pedal

          A Mason clutch pedal showed up on my doorstep on an unseasonably warm late November day here in Jayhawk land, allowing me to enjoy a day of tinkering with the M Roadster before winter arrives.… Read More »Mason Clutch Pedal

          S50 Airbox

            I finally got around to replacing the Dinan CAI with a proper airbox; details of why I was not particularly happy with the Dinan CAI can be found here. The 3.5″ HFM and associated Dinan… Read More »S50 Airbox

            Transmission Shifter

              Shifting quality has been adequate but not great, and I suspect the ZF S5D 320Z transmission needs a shift detent pin refresh, but that requires dropping the transmission, which I don’t plan to do until… Read More »Transmission Shifter


                I have been running a sketchy “FVP” (might as well be “WTF”) brand battery that was in the car when I bought it last year. Things have been fine since I have kept the car… Read More »Battery